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with Premium Utility Vehicle Rentals in Alberta

Whether you’re tackling tough tasks on rugged terrain or seeking thrilling trail rides across Alberta’s diverse landscapes, Expedition Rentals offers top-quality utility vehicles. Our selection is designed for both work and play, providing the power, reliability, and versatility you need for any adventure or job.

Honda TRX420: Power and Precision

The Honda TRX420 is built to impress with its powerful liquid-cooled 420cc engine, which is fuel-injected for consistently strong performance in all conditions. Designed for rugged work and spirited trail riding, this ATV boasts a longitudinally mounted engine that improves balance and stability, enabling confident riding over rough terrain.

Key Features:

420cc Liquid-Cooled Engine: Ensures reliable power in any condition.

Low Center of Gravity: Enhances balance and stability.

2WD/4WD Shifter: Allows easy switching between drive modes.


Honda Foreman TRX500: Toughness Redefined

The Honda Foreman TRX500 features a robust 475cc engine that delivers high torque, paired with the Traxlok selectable 2WD/4WD system for superior terrain handling. It’s built to make the toughest tasks easier, living up to Honda’s reputation for durability and performance.

Key Features:

475cc Longitudinal Engine: Provides high torque for demanding tasks.

Traxlok 2WD/4WD System: Offers flexible driving dynamics.


Kubota RTV-X900: Versatile and Durable

The Kubota RTV-X900 is a powerhouse in versatility and reliability, equipped with a 21.6 HP diesel engine perfect for handling a variety of tasks in Edmonton’s diverse conditions. Its user-friendly design makes it a top choice for those needing a dependable utility vehicle.

Key Features:

21.6 HP Diesel Engine: Robust and efficient for diverse applications.

Flexible 2WD/4WD Capabilities: Adapts to changing terrain with ease.

Stable and Comfortable Ride: Designed for safety and ease of use.


Kubota RTV-X1100: All-Weather Comfort

The RTV-X1100 is the first in its class to offer a factory-installed A/C cab, making it ideal for year-round use in Alberta’s varied climates. This model combines rugged performance with unprecedented comfort features, ensuring productivity in any weather condition.

Key Features:

24.8 HP Diesel Engine: Delivers powerful performance for any job.

Climate-Controlled Cab: Provides comfort in all weather conditions.

Efficient Hydraulic Bed Lift: Facilitates easy loading and unloading.


Polaris Pro XD: Industrial Strength and Efficiency

For industrial strength and durability, the Polaris Pro XD stands out with its turbo-diesel engine and enhanced drivetrain components. It’s designed to handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly, making it a reliable choice for demanding environments.

Key Features:

Turbo-Diesel Engine: Delivers powerful performance and efficiency.

High Payload Capacity: Ideal for transporting heavy loads.

Why Choose Expedition Rentals?

Located in Edmonton, Expedition Rentals provides a diverse range of utility vehicles that are perfect for navigating Alberta’s varied terrains and conditions. From farms and oil fields to research expeditions and outdoor adventures, our vehicles deliver unparalleled performance. Renting from us ensures access to top-tier equipment tailored to meet your needs.

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