Versatile ATV Trailers

and Skimmers from Expedition Rentals in Alberta

For those who need reliable and robust utility trailers and skimmers, Expedition Rentals offers a range of high-quality options designed to handle the toughest terrains in Edmonton and across Alberta. Our selection includes the Explorer ATV utility trailer, ATV tub trailers, and sled skimmers, each engineered for optimal performance and durability.

Explorer ATV Utility Trailer: Built for Tough Terrain

The Explorer is an all-purpose ATV utility trailer designed to tackle punishing terrain with ease. Constructed with a heavy-duty 3.2 cm (1.25 in.) powder-coated steel frame, the Explorer resists scratching and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability. It rides on 45.7 cm (18 in.) knobby flotation tires equipped with high-speed tapered roller bearings, allowing you to navigate through challenging environments effortlessly. With a carrying capacity of 1800 lbs, this trailer is perfect for transporting heavy loads.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: 3.2 cm powder-coated steel frame resists scratching and corrosion.
  • Knobby Flotation Tires: 45.7 cm tires with high-speed tapered roller bearings for smooth navigation.
  • High Carrying Capacity: Can handle up to 1800 lbs, ideal for heavy loads.

ATV Tub Trailers: Stability and Payload Capacity

The ATV tub trailers feature an Articulating Walking Beam four-wheeled axle assembly that allows tires to work independently over uneven terrain. This design provides a very level ride compared to single axle or fixed dual axle trailers, increasing payload capabilities and ensuring a safer, smoother, and more stable ride for the trailer and its contents.

Key Features:

  • Articulating Walking Beam: Independent tire movement over uneven terrain.
  • Enhanced Stability: Provides a level ride and increased payload capabilities.
  • Safer and Smoother Ride: Ideal for transporting valuable contents securely.

Sled Skimmer: Lightweight and Reliable

The sled skimmer is a lightweight, all-purpose utility sled designed with a slim profile to track reliably behind snowmobiles or ATVs. Its cargo area offers ample space to transport supplies through narrow bush trails. The sled includes a hitch and features dimensions of 66″L x 31″W x 12″H, making it perfect for various utility tasks in snowy conditions.

Key Features:

  • Slim Profile: Tracks reliably behind snowmobiles or ATVs.
  • Ample Cargo Space: Dimensions of 66″L x 31″W x 12″H for transporting supplies.
  • Included Hitch: Ready to attach and use immediately.

Why Choose Expedition Rentals?

Expedition Rentals, based in Edmonton, understands the diverse needs of Alberta’s outdoor and industrial users. Our range of ATV trailers and skimmers ensures you have the right equipment to handle any terrain or task. By renting from us, you gain access to reliable and high-performance trailers and skimmers that enhance your productivity and efficiency.

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Equip yourself with the best ATV trailers and skimmers from Expedition Rentals. Whether you’re navigating rugged trails or transporting supplies through challenging terrains in Alberta, our Explorer ATV utility trailer, ATV tub trailers, and sled skimmers provide the durability and performance you need. Contact us today to rent or purchase the perfect trailer or skimmer for your next adventure or project.