Wacker Neuson Generators

& Light Tower Rentals from Expedition Rentals in Edmonton

When it comes to reliable power and exceptional lighting for your job site, Expedition Rentals in Edmonton offers a range of Wacker Neuson generators and light towers. Designed for robust performance and versatility, our equipment ensures you have the necessary power and illumination to tackle any project in Alberta.

Wide-Body Light Towers: Superior Lighting and Power

Our wide-body, trailer-mounted light towers combine exceptional job site lighting with various power options up to 20kW 3 phase. Built with a rugged, heavy-duty steel frame, these light towers are designed for reliable off-road towing with features such as wide track width, independent torsion axles, and a heavy-duty tongue and hitch assembly. The 30-foot adjustable tower rotates 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility, making it ideal for remote and long-run applications like mining, security, disaster response, and general job sites.

Key Features:

  • 30-Foot Adjustable Tower: Rotates 360 degrees for flexible lighting.
  • Large Fuel Tanks: Ensure long run times.
  • Simple Engine Controllers: Equipped with various fault protections.
  • Elliptical Light Fixtures: Offer diffused, even illumination without glare.
  • Manual Adjustment: Lights can be adjusted without tools and stored within the unit (optional rack required).
  • Lockable, 11-Gauge Steel Doors: Provide maximum accessibility for easy servicing.
  • Four-Point Jack Stands: Ensure stability on uneven terrain and superior wind stability.
  • Mast-Mounted Base Winch: Allows for easy operation while standing.
  • Highway-Ready Trailer: Equipped with a 3-inch pintle hitch, 15-inch tires, four tie-downs, DOT lighting, VIN number, and chains.
  • Reliable 1800-RPM Diesel Engine: Meets the latest EPA emissions standards with a glow plug preheat system for easier cold weather starting.
  • Multiple Power Outlets: Provide both 120V and 120/240V for maximum convenience on the job site.

Heavy-Duty Mobile Generators: Reliable and Quiet Power

Our heavy-duty mobile generators provide single and three-phase power for various applications, including construction, commercial, industrial, and special events where quiet, reliable power is needed. The compact, sound-attenuated design ensures low noise levels, making it perfect for sound-sensitive environments. Equipped with a solid-state digital information center, these generators monitor output and engine functions while providing protection against faults. They also feature automatic remote starting for standby applications and a fully integrated, large capacity fuel tank for long run times.

Key Features:

  • Sound-Attenuated Design: Provides low noise power for sensitive applications.
  • Solid-State Digital Information Center: Monitors generator output and engine functions.
  • Brushless Generator: Features a separate excitation winding for excellent motor starting and running non-linear loads.
  • Durable Construction: Stainless steel external hardware and automotive corrosion treatment ensure long-lasting quality.
  • Easy Servicability: Generator control panel swings open as one complete unit.
  • Factory-Installed Customized Options: Available for fluid containment, cold weather, camlock panel, and more.
  • Highway-Ready Single-Axle Trailers: Equipped with DOT lighting, chains, height adjustable coupler, and electric or hydraulic surge brakes.

Why Choose Expedition Rentals?

Expedition Rentals, based in Edmonton, offers a comprehensive range of Wacker Neuson generators and light towers designed to meet the diverse needs of Alberta’s industrial and commercial sectors. Our equipment is built for durability, reliability, and ease of use, ensuring you can maintain productivity and safety on your job site. By renting from us, you gain access to top-quality power and lighting solutions.

Rent Your Generator or Light Tower Today

Ensure your job site is well-lit and powered with equipment from Expedition Rentals. Whether you need a wide-body light tower for exceptional lighting or a heavy-duty mobile generator for reliable power, we have the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us today to reserve your equipment and ensure your next project is a success.