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Power Up Your Projects with Expedition Rentals! Unlock Big SUMMER Savings on Generators! Get 30% Off Your First Generator Rental* and 50% Off Your Second Rental* with Expedition Rentals. Why Choose Our Generators? Reliable Performance: Keep your projects running smoothly with our top-quality generators. Versatile Solutions: Perfect for construction sites,

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Tackle Tough Jobs with Polaris XD Pro UTV

Tackle Tough Jobs with Polaris Pro XD UTV from Expedition Rentals in Alberta When it comes to handling demanding tasks and navigating rugged terrains, the Polaris Pro XD UTV from Expedition Rentals is your go-to vehicle. Perfect for both commercial and recreational use in Edmonton and across Alberta, this UTV

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Conquer Winter with Ski-Doo Snowmobile

Conquer Winter with Ski-Doo Snowmobile Rentals from Expedition Rentals in Edmonton When winter arrives in Edmonton and Alberta, tackling snowy terrains and harsh conditions becomes easier with Ski-Doo snowmobile rentals from Expedition Rentals. Our selection of high-performance snowmobiles ensures you can handle any winter job or adventure with confidence and

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Comprehensive Safety Training

Comprehensive Safety Training Courses from Expedition Rentals in Edmonton At Expedition Rentals, we are committed to ensuring the safety and preparedness of our clients through a wide range of off-road and equipment safety training courses. Our courses are designed to provide both hands-on instructional classes and online safety courses, tailored

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Efficient Air Movement

Efficient Air Movement with Construction Fans from Expedition Rentals in Alberta When it comes to managing air flow in construction environments, Expedition Rentals offers top-of-the-line construction fans designed to meet your needs. Our fans are perfect for drying, cooling, and ensuring proper ventilation in various settings across Edmonton and Alberta.

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Reliable Power Solutions

Reliable Power Solutions with Generator Rentals from Expedition Rentals in Alberta For all your power needs in Edmonton and across Alberta, Expedition Rentals offers high-quality generator rentals to ensure your projects run smoothly and efficiently. Our selection includes the dependable Honda EG5000C generator, designed to deliver consistent power output for

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Explore the Outdoors

Explore the Outdoors with Premium Utility Vehicle Rentals in Alberta Whether you’re tackling tough tasks on rugged terrain or seeking thrilling trail rides across Alberta’s diverse landscapes, Expedition Rentals offers top-quality utility vehicles. Our selection is designed for both work and play, providing the power, reliability, and versatility you need

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Conquer Any Terrain

Conquer Any Terrain with Argo Rentals in Alberta For those who need to navigate the toughest terrains in Alberta, Expedition Rentals offers the robust and versatile Argo HDI and ARGO XTI 8×8. These all-terrain, amphibious vehicles are designed to transport people and equipment to areas that are typically inaccessible, making

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At Expedition Rentals, we’re not just about providing equipment; we’re about enabling unforgettable adventures and powering industry solutions.



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